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Public Notebook Scrolling Issues - Chrome Web


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I'm using the new web interface for evernote in Chrome, however my public notebook link still looks like the older version, which I see skimming the forum is having issues displaying notes in Chrome.

Is there a way to create a public notebook link using the new evernote web interface which isn't having problems in Chrome currently?  Just wanted to ensure this was also being looked into if there is no way to provide a public link using the new working web interface.  I don't mind using firefox for now but I don't want to rely on that long term!



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Hi.  I believe the link opens in whatever version of Evernote you use on your system - there's no way to 'force' someone onto the old or the new version - although if someone joined Evernote in the last several months,  or grabs a free account now,  they'll be on the new web layout without the option.

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