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Cannot Save Note


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I usually use the browser version of Evernote because I take notes on the lab computers at my school. Yesterday and today in the middle of taking notes I got an alert that said "Evernote cannot save 'note' " and then it kicked me out of my note. I found that it created a copy of my note with the content I recently added, but the images were broken. So I copied my content to the old note with the images and continued writing. But then it did this 6 more times. I have 6 copies of my note in my trash. I tried to switch to my Mac desktop client on my laptop but found that it didn't have the code block format for some reason, which I needed. 

I would really like to find a solution to this problem. I have been using Evernote for 6 years and its the only note taking service I can find that makes a code block format.

Please help, Thank you.


UPDATE: I've tried several different browsers and computers, still have the problem.

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Using a browser to create long notes of any kind is not without risk.  I've had posts to various online forums including this one crash for all sorts of reasons connected with the capacity of the local device,  its internet connection,  or just downright bad internet traffic at the wrong time of day. 

Best way to deal with it is to create a note in an application that saves reliably to local storage,  and then copy/ paste that content,  or attach the file created by that application,  into a note so it's backed up to the server and available on any device connected to that account. 

Evernote's installed desktop software saves notes locally and syncs them as a separate operation,  so is more secure from this problem.

Evernote can't magically retrieve data that was lost while still in temporary storage on the local device.  Unless a  note has been synced to the server it's very much at risk.  I don't see any way for Evernote to help you avoid that risk other than suggest you use the installed client...  if you have any suggestions I imagine they'd be interested to hear them...

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Thanks for your help but this still doesn't make sense.

I have never had this problem before. Like I said I've been using Evernote, in the browser, for 6 years. I go to a Tech school, we have the best internet possible. I've been taking notes in the browser, on this laptop, at this school, at this time of day, for 3 years. I've also made much longer notes before. Why is it suddenly a problem now? 

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Hi again - not sure what you're expecting..  over the years your network will have been updated (several times),  as will the OS on each device you use.  Browsers are updated daily these days (well Chrome and Firefox are,  anyway) and the versions of all the software you have installed will have evolved.  Internet bandwidth has grown,  as has the traffic your system has to fight through 

For some reason your browser is not as safe a place as it was from which to record your notes.  You're not dealing with Evernote directly here,  you're running a remote terminal connection via lots of third-party applications.  How would Evernote (which is not me,  by the way) know why that's happening?  They only touch your data when the note is saved,  if it is saved.


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