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Be honest!



Quote from the Evernote iOS update description on appstore:
... is a complete redesign emphasising speed and simplicity...

@evernote: I get the simplicity, and appreciate it. Thank you. Do you honestly believe you have emphasized speed?!? 

If you honestly do believe you have emphasised speed, I would genuinely be interested in evidence you base this belief on. My user experience is an 8 second delay everytime I switch to the app.

My idea: Reassure me you are still on my side, please post your evidence! If you don't have any evidence, and can't post anything, just say so, and apologise for getting carried away witth the marketing. 


You could just do nothing, continue wearing the king's new clothes, and wonder why people are laughing.

I gladly pay EUR49 premium for an app which has increased my productivity. Since your "complete redesign with an emphasis on speed..." Evernote has changed overnight from an aid to a productivity hindrance. If I were a first-time user, I would not even tolerate this performance in the free version. I am evaluating alternatives, and evernote is on borrowed time. 

Hope to hear from you.

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7 minutes ago, Icthysfisch said:

Do you honestly believe you have emphasized speed?!? 

Some users have posted response issues with the current release.  The feedback can be found with the release announcement at

We are waiting for the next release to see if the issue is resolved.

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