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Note conflict and note can't be saved

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I really hope somebody can help me with this, because I love using evernote..

I've got these two issues that really bothers me..

No.1 problem : Today I can't write anything in any of my notes. It's says something like "Note can't be saved"

No. 2 problem : Sometimes, an ekstra note gets created for a note a allready have. Right now, I got 5 notes which are exatcly alike. It says "note conflict"


So what can I do about these problems. I can't use evernote right now because of this(No.1) and my notes often creates copys of my notes all the time..


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Hi.  Always useful to know which version of Evernote and your OS you're using,  and what's the exact error message you're seeing.

I've been using Evernote for a long time and I don't believe I've ever had a 'can't save' error.  Have you used up your monthly upload allowance?  Is the note a very large one - exceeding the max size for your level of account?  Does it have any 'odd' punctuation in the title?  Have you tried creating a new note and copying the content into a brand new note?

The 'conflict' notes are evidence that another device is saving copies of your notes to the server while you're working on the same note and creating a different version.  So these 'copies' aren't complete duplicates - they're different versions of the same note.  You need to check to verify which one of them is the most up to date.

In general when working on Evernote - I'd say make sure you have synced and closed down the app on any other device you may have been using,  and that you sync a new device before you start editing notes.  Switching between two devices while editing is a recipe for serious confusion...

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The "can't save" error is now gone and I can use evernote again. I haven't done anything, I just suddently works again. Hope it won't happen to often.

But the problem with the copies are still a problem. I've got evernote on my phone but I don't use it very often. Maybe I sometimes got two windows open with evernote in my browser at the same time. I will stop doing that. But it also does it sometimes I haven't done that.. I will try change the sync settings on my phone and then sync manually evertime I use my phone, if that is possible.. Thanks for the replys

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