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One reason I use the Outlook clipper is to 'batch upload' groups of emails - usually connected with a project,  or a purchase,  or an exchange with one body or individual.  Every so often however emails fail to upload and I have to painstakingly find them by hand in Outlook and forward directly (and individually) to my Evernote email address.  Two bad things about the clipper I'd like to see fixed...
1) Notes get created from my emails with just the title as heading,  and today's date as created/updated - totally ignoring the 'Sent' date which is available in the document.
2) Errors are reported very badly - there's no help to fix them.
i)  While I know my email is (apparently) missing a note title,  or a "body style declaration" I have no way (that I know of) to correct the email so it will upload.
ii) In a large batch of emails,  I can't even quickly find which one we're talking about because all I have is a very brief summary without anything useful (like the date) from which to find the message.  And there's no link to jump from the error message to the email.  The title (the black text) is nicely available to copy though to help me search for matches.
iii) Also occasionally I get some sort of 'unrecognised address' error which stops the process dead until I click - sometimes several times - on successive pop-up windows to continue anyway.  I can't include a screenshot of that window because it didn't happen today. :(
This is a hugely useful feature,  whether used for single emails or batches:  it could be so much greater though if the errors could be managed better!
(This batch of emails I saved specially for you as they failed before)
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...and here's a copy of the "unrecognised address" error I mentioned*,  which turns out to be a website security alert (??) that stops the Outlook Clipper in its tracks until I click 'Yes' to proceed - so it's to do with Mail Servers maybe???

ScreenClip [1].png

* my memory's bad - I should use some sort of electronic notepad to compensate;  oh wait...  :P


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