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Add anchored comment to a PDF

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I'm trying to add annotations to my PDFs using Evernote. The highlighting tool is wonderful. I'd like to be able to add anchored comments - longish text annotations anchored at specific points on the PDF using Evernote. So far, it looks like I can add text, but I have two choices: if it's hanging off the edge of the PDF it disappears, and if it's not hanging off the edge it covers the existing text of the PDF, making it worse than useless. The stamp tool only allows for very short little labels.


Is there any way to add an anchored comment to a PDF? I want to be able to "annotate" the PDF with text field values. Thanks!

Here's an example of what I mean.

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1 hour ago, molecule said:

Is there any way to add an anchored comment to a PDF?

It's not an Evernote feature.  The options are very limited, I'd recommend looking at a dedicated PDF annotation app

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Is there a way to submit feature requests? Evernote has lots of other features that I haven't found in any dedicated PDF annotation apps so far (Alternatively, do you recommend any PDF annotation apps that sync across multiple devices on multiple platforms, also allow general note-taking, and storage of photos w/ annotations?) (it seems to me like it would be "easier" to add this one feature to Evernote than find a PDF app that has everything I want) (barring of course Evernote's own goals and plans for their product).

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