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Sort on reminder date



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5 hours ago, Agamemnond said:

It would also be very convenient to be able to print todays reminders.

In the account settings, you can set a switch for an email of reminders - this results in an email each morning of the reminders for the day

You can also create a saved search for reminders due for the current day (reminderTime:Day) 

Also, you should be posting in the feedback for the release instead of starting a new topic


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4 minutes ago, Agamemnond said:

how can I sort them by day/time

The sort by reminder date/time is only available in the Reminders Section/Page
In IOS, if you click on All Notes, you'll see a Reminders item you can select

>>how can I print them?

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.22.41 AM.png

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