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Windows re-install/Evernote re-install

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Hi all..

My windows system is entirely borked.  I have to start with a fresh windows 10 install and I need to reinstall Evernote.

Are there any essential files that I need to recover from the dead system?  If so, can someone point me at the requisite files and their location?

I'd really appreciate the help.

Simeon Nevel

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Hi.  Unless you had any Local Notebooks (that's notes stored only on your HDD and not synced to the server),  all you will need to do is re-download and install Evernote when you're ready,  and log in with your existing user name and password.  You can rely on the server to rebuild your local database from previously synced records.

If you did have local notebooks,  you'll need to rescue the EXB file for your account.  Usually at C:\Users\<USER>\Evernote\Databases to extract the local notes.

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