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No support for Basic?



Ok, first off. Pretty great product and I love the business angle of being the be-all/end-all for notes, storing information and collaboration. 

I must make a disclaimer: I'm a new Evernote user. I'm not a long-time user to this platform. 

However, to make support "premium" by making it only available to people who pay only makes YOUR product worse. I'm very technically proficient and code and take notes on the daily for my projects and ideas. And, before I invest in this platform with my money, I want to try it out and see if it really makes my life easier and more fluid. So, when I find a pretty significant UI bug and there's no way for me to report it without paying is absolutely ridiculous. 

Now, maybe you have an option somewhere that I could not find. But, that in it of itself is a pretty significant issue. Because, as a company, the only way to improve your product is through communication. And, since users out in the wild are always going to find little bugs that you never would be able to (for various reasons) it would make no sense to make them pay to tell you how to make your product better. And it's also crazy to make it difficult to do so. You should want that and you should make it so easy you almost get too much information. It's not like the communication has to go straight to the engineers. Just have it sent somewhere that they can search by keyword, etc to help them research and fix issues. 

I'll give you a great example. Right now Directv Now is riddled with problems. I called in once to report a bug and the guy was super eager to take the request and help. I'm not sure if he was even technically the right guy but he was willing to take the information and help resolve. Why? Because it's so very important to improve those things. And it was super easy to do so (even though I had to physically call. It still astounds me that companies don't have a "report a bug" feature right in the app or in support)

Here's the thing that most companies still don't get: a user will almost ALWAYS follow nature's path of least resistance. They then will usually get frustrated, irritated and possibly mad and then probably give up if it's too difficult. The issue with that is now the user has had a negative experience. Which makes 2 things possible: 1. any future annoyances will be mentally tacked onto the last one and 2. they most likely will never try to report anything else again. Instead of paying for QA, you could have gotten it free. 

Instead I've wasted about 30 minutes of my life through this process and writing out this little speech. 

I hope you improve your product and keep doing better. And, since seeing how many improvements you've made over time, I'm sure you will. 


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that yes I did go through the support pages and yes I know you have a "report a bug" option. I'm remarking on the inability to do so. 



PS. Just to be the nice guy I've included the pic of UI. If you want the logs, please provide a way for me to send. 


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Hi.  Preaching to the choir here because this is a mainly user-supported forum,  though we can be quite useful in sorting out new user issues.  The trick with iOS forinstance is often "if at first you don't succeed" - uninstall and reinstall it.  As to feedback - Evernote reportedly has 200M users,  a large proportion being Basic. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing...

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Ok, thanks for the info. I was hoping someone from Evernote would be monitoring this and see, but guess not. 

As far as the bug reporting, the reason I say that is because not everyone will go to the trouble to report bugs. Even though they may have 200m users, roughly 1-10% will actually go to the trouble to report bugs. Most of them probably being mostly tech savvy or devs themselves. Plus, like I stated, it's free QA and super beneficial for devs and QA to be able to maybe keyword search or timeline search. It would be super helpful. 

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Like I say,  preaching to the choir - I agree that customer feedback is a huge asset to any business,  but the logistics of dealing with very large numbers of comments get very complicated very quickly! 

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