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Highlighting and extracting text from pdf files to create summary notes in Evernote




I would like to see something like web-clipper work on PDF documents within Evernote.

When I review large technical papers I like to highlight important blocks of text and then extract all the highlighted text from the document.

I place this extracted text into a note to creating a summary file for future reference.

Currently, I do this in Goodreader and then export all my highlighted text and comments and paste them into Evernote in a note or notebook.

It would be good if I could avoid all the import and export between two products and do everything in one step in one product.

Thanks for your consideration,


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You don't mention which platform, but on WIndows if the PDF is OCR'd you should be able to highlight and copy text from today.  But you can only do it on the page of the PDF that is displayed.

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I am living the same problem. I am using an iPad and a mac. I really admire "goodreader", it is so easy to draw, mark and work on pdf with this app. However I couldn’t sync Evernote to “good reader”. That is what I’m trying to do; for eq. I use to, first download my pdf files to iPad and work on it. However after doing sthing on my pdf’s. I couldn’t install them to evernote easily (I actually find a way but it is so complicated for me). Let’s say, I saved my pdf to evernote solely after while I want to do a change on “goodreader”, I re-open it on goodreader and make some changes but I couldn’t save it to the old file on evernote. In this case, I have to open “a new note” file on evernote. And, that is so annoying for me. Do anyone have a solution or offer for these cases ? Cause, no one contact me from evernote !!!

And a second problem, after paste or recording pdf’s to evernote, I actually want to save a copy of them to my drive (which is google drive and I am using it for ages). But I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I actually decide to use evernote under one condition; provide the ability to save all my works, pdf’s and notes on one platform. But it seems impossible.

Third problem, I really love to work with my pencil on iPad. I use two apps which are “goodnotes” and “notability”. I am living the same problem in here which I am living with “Goodreader". 

Thanks in advance for your help,




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