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Creating Custom Papers


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I'm having quite a lot of difficulty creating custom papers to the correct size.

I have followed these instructions to a tee - creating things in adobe illustrator at the exact size noted however they always end up being too small leaving a weird background colour where things don't fit.


I am creating them in Adobe Illustrator - and have exported as images at 72, 150 and 300 ppi and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I am trying to create a pagination template as I work as a designer creating publications and need a template to quickly note what content goes on what page.

I am using an iPad Pro 9.7 inch with a retina display.

Help? Who has had success creating custom papers?

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according to the specification sheet your iPad's display is 1536 x 2048 pixels (~264 ppi pixel density) and according to the Penultimate paper recommendations you should use 715 x 865 px. 

As a photoshopper I can tell you that 715 x 865 px will in no way fill your iPad screen. In fact the suggested Penultimate px ratio does not match that of the iPad. Why not try and create your paper to suit your iPad's specifications? I am sure 150 - 200 ppi would do.

I am a Windows/Android user and as such cannot tell you whether Penultimate will upscale to full size if you halved the 1536 x 2048 px. 

I am sure though that there are note taking apps other than Penultimate. 


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In older iPads without the Retina display with older versions of the Penultimate app (unsure of how the newest versions handle the old standard sizes) you should use: 718*865. You can download a template here: http://ipadpapers.com/paper.asp?id=93

On retina displays it should be: 1436*1730

On this page: http://www.ipadpapers.com/create_lined_graph_paper.asp you can create a empty (or lined or squared) template with the most common sizes for Penultimate (and Goodnotes). However size of the iPad pro 12.9 inch templates is not there yet... :/





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