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  1. In older iPads without the Retina display with older versions of the Penultimate app (unsure of how the newest versions handle the old standard sizes) you should use: 718*865. You can download a template here: http://ipadpapers.com/paper.asp?id=93 On retina displays it should be: 1436*1730 On this page: http://www.ipadpapers.com/create_lined_graph_paper.asp you can create a empty (or lined or squared) template with the most common sizes for Penultimate (and Goodnotes). However size of the iPad pro 12.9 inch templates is not there yet... :/
  2. Hello, I have done a few templates with just using double the size of the old template size. So making a template 1436*1730 seems to work quite nicely. At least i scales well in Penultimate. Here is an empty retina template file: http://ipadpapers.com/paper.asp?id=131 Hope it helps! /Kristian
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