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Suggestion of Features

Lusana Ornelas


  • Highlight different colors
    • So far, we don't have the option to highlight things by different colors. There's only yellow. We should have the option to choose. 
  • Pre-established headings
    • On OneNote, from Microsoft, we have the option to choose between Headings, just like a google doc. We don't have this option on Evernote. I'd have to do them manually, which takes a lot more work.
  • Password for sections/notebooks
    • So far, we can only encrypt texts within notes, but not the whole note or section. I'd suggestion both.
  • People can erase an encrypted section without password. wrong! 
    • It should require the password to erase encrypted sections.
  • Sections within notes
    • It should have the option to create different sections inside the same note. So far, I can put a line. But that doesn't show sections on the left bar as a drop down menu.
  • Not clear how I view only the note, without the sidebar
  • Option to change colors of the dashboard and notes.
    • Add color to notebooks to make it easier to differentiate what they are about.
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On 2017-01-06 at 10:28 AM, Lusana Ornelas said:
  • Highlight different colors...

It would be more constructive to post your suggestions as separate items so users can discuss and add their votes

Better yet, search for existing requests, and add your vote

You also posted in the Mac forum,  Perhaps the General Discussions might be more suitable as being non-platform specific

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