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Will EN Web ever save local cache in my system?


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I use EN exclusively via the web version. At times, I use public computers to access EN Web. Although I never select the 'Remember me' option while logging in, I was wondering if EN Web would save a local cache or not. 


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Hi.  You're using Evernote via a web browser,  and the browser would save some information into its web cache in the same way as for any web page.  I'm not sure how much.  However most modern browsers have a 'private' option to open web pages without saving or recording any history of the session.  If you use that,  your data will be as secure as it can be.

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Yes, I'm aware of the browser cache. I meant if Evernote would save any other cache apart from the browser cache(which I can control from the browser folder/appdata). From your reply, I assume there is no such thing as a separate EN cache for EN web. 

Thanks for the response.

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