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Better search support (umlauted letters and spaces in notes)

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I have a problem where if I search for a note with the letter Ä or Å I'm also getting results with the letter A in them. Same for when I use 'Ö'. These letters with umlauts in them are their own individual letters in my language which causes confusion when searching for notes.

Another problem I'm experiencing is that I have a lot of notes named stuff in letter combinations like 'A - A - E' or 'O - Ö' and when searching for these notes the results I get are too unspecified when I want atleast the top result to be the one that comes with the letters in the same order as how I entered them in the search bar.

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If you want to search for text that has embedded spaces, then yo need to enclose it in quotes, e.g.: "my text"

The order of results doesn't depend on the search filter; it only depends on the current note list sorting. There is no sort by relevance in Evernote, at least at this time.

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