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  1. So when I open a note to edit it briefly and then press back I get the message (roughly translated): "are you sure you want to undo the changes made to this note?". The only way for me to succesfully save an edited note is if i tap the '✔' icon at the top left of my screen (which is a hassle to get to when using your phone with one hand). I have Evernote 7.9.8, my phone's an Honor 7 so I think it runs a custom version of Android?
  2. I have a problem where if I search for a note with the letter Ä or Å I'm also getting results with the letter A in them. Same for when I use 'Ö'. These letters with umlauts in them are their own individual letters in my language which causes confusion when searching for notes. Another problem I'm experiencing is that I have a lot of notes named stuff in letter combinations like 'A - A - E' or 'O - Ö' and when searching for these notes the results I get are too unspecified when I want atleast the top result to be the one that comes with the letters in the same order as how I entered them in the search bar.
  3. My project requires me to create thousands of seperate notes in different folders, meaning the ability to be able to go back from a note and have it get saved automatically without having to check 'save note' each seperate time would be HUGE to me A suggestion would be for you to add an option to settings letting you choose if you want notes to be autosaved.
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