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A few weeks ago I decided to introduce Evernote to my team of developers. We decided to create an Evernote account each to share interesting articles and information we find on the internet.

We created 3 sharing folders with the team, but we found out that Evernote is (most of the time) not working with Safari. Some colleagues can't place articles in the sharing folders straight from the internet with the web clipper. They simply can't select the sharing folder or add tags (see print screen) to their articles they want to store in those folders. 

My question is how to fix that? Hopefully someone is familiar with this problem and can give me some tips or tricks to solve this problem! :)


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Hi.  Part of your problem may be that only the owner of a personal account can create new tags in it.  So if persons A,  B and C are all sharing accounts with each other,  they will have to post new items in their own separate 'owned' notebooks to create new tags.  Each person will see notes from three separate notebooks in their account,  but only be able to add notes to one of them. 

You may be better off looking at Evernote Business which allows for the creation of shared libraries,  with everyone contributing to one separate account - as well as having their own personal space for drafts,  note taking and personal information. 

See this page for more... Evernote Business Deployment Guide

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