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image size after added to note

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Hi i have a problem about the image size after added to a note, this is happened on all image

Windows 7 and Evernote desktop v6.4.2.3788


how can i show the image original size in the evernote ?

btw my windows 7 set the DPI to 125%



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Hi.  Evernote plays games with the visible size of the image depending on your window size and the photo's resolution.  It doesn't have a 1:1 setting (AFAIK) - see the variable size of PDF pages in different window sizes.  You can select the image,  hover over the bottom right corner and drag it to a size,  but that won't change the actual image,  just the displayed version.

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Hi, thankyou for your reply, i just do a test in the same resolution 1920 x 1080, but changed the DPI between default 100% and 125%, and captured 4 images

sorry i can't upload more image, so i deleted the above image

the first 2 images is compare use Evernote hotkey Win+Shift+S to capture desktop screen into a new note

image 1 : DPI default 100%, can see the desktop icon size is same as the image inside the note, so if DPI 100% is no problem

Evernote DPI 100.jpg

image 2 : DPI 125%, can see the desktop icon size look like is 100% + 25%, but the image inside the note look like is 100% + 25% + 25%

but desktop icon and note is under same DPI, why the note enlarge the image ?

Evernote DPI 125.jpg

image 3 and 4 : is compare in DPI 100% and 125% to view the both notes, look the image 3 left side if +25% = right side (125%) = image 4 left side (100% of DPI 125% = 125%)

two notes under DPI 100.jpg

two notes under DPI 125.jpg


so the problem is when u drag and drop an image into a note, how Evernote handle the action to convert the image,

if increase DPI to 125%, remember the desktop icon size is already +25%, so Evernote need to ignore the DPI +25%, image not like the text inside the note

seems Evernote is something wrong when u add an image to a note (convert image size x DPI %)

i think ONLY need to fix the action of import image, and Evernote how to showing the image on the screen is no problem


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