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The best way to recognize voice notice on win7 desktop

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I have Evernote installed both on Amazon Kindle Fire and also on Windows 7 desktop.

Both accounts are synced.

I have started speech notice w/o speech recognition on Fire Tablet (actually it is too complicated to recognize record status <_<)

I should convert this talk to text to document it and split into tasks for issue in our ticket system.

Good approach after scrum meetings?

Also what is the best way to recognize existing audio memo?

Voice is german.


See also screenshot:



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resource:  Searches for notes that contain specific types of media (audio, images, etc.).

  • resource:application/pdf will return all notes that contain a PDF file.
  • resource:image/jpeg will return all notes containing an embedded JPEG image.
  • resource:audio/* will return all notes that contain some type of audio file.


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