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(Archived) What does 'Save page URL' do?

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Dear EN Folks,

Frankly, I'm stymied! For a long time, I've been recording interesting websites by "bookmarking" them with EverNote, in a category I call "Sites to Visit". (Perhaps 90% of these "bookmarks" were originally imported from Google Notebook - RIP 2009 - and the following question does not apply to them ... only to the ones I've since made exclusively using the EN plug-in for Firefox ...)

My problem: Despite having "Save page URL" checked at all times in EN, I notice that each and every clipping I've made LACKS any kind of URL or link back to the original site. What I'm left with is a bunch of useless notes which contain nothing more than the original site's header and/or some brief text I may have typed in as a "note to self."

Was I naive to think EN was busily recording the URLs? Because if they are somehow contained in my EN clippings, I certainly have been unable to find them!

So far, searching the Forum and Knowledgebase has turned up nothing relevant to this question, hence the New Topic here. I'll be crestfallen if you tell me that "Save page URL" does something completely different from what I expect(ed), namely bookmarking the page I wanted to revisit in the future. B)

THANKS for any guidance!!

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I just tried a test. I selected nothing on a forum page, and clicked on my evernote bookmarklet (vice any extension in my browser that was installed by a desktop application). I get the following popup. I make sure that the Save Page URL box is checked.


Then I logged into my web account and found the new note. (And thanks to the EN team for automatically going to my default notebook now, instead of all notes B)). There's a little black arrow beside "note attributes". I click it and it expands to show me the attributes, including the source of the page I just clipped:


This sequence of events doesn't work for you?

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