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Read Only Note - Business Card

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I recently noted that my new business card entries are Read Only (Read-Only).  These are notes created by taking a photo of a business card with my phone.

Because they are Read Only, I am no longer able to correct errors in the OCR and add notes as I did previously.  This seems to be a default setting which I did not choose.

Is there any way to turn off the Read Only condition?  Alternatively, can I create business card entries that aren't set as Read Only?

By the way, I've tested this using both an iPhone and an Android phone to create the business card note.  The result was the same in both cases.

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Hi.  I just tried my Android camera and found that if I'm far enough away from the business card,  the app doesn't recognise it as such and just gives me a picture of the desk with a small(ish) white rectangle on it.  Closer to,  I get a full page display on my Android with the card picture at the top and editable address fields below*.  I don't recall though that we ever had the option to add notes - that's the subject of a whole other thread which (I think) ended with me suggesting that adding more information to the card would have to be done in the phone Contacts,  by adding another note with the same name so that both card and extra comments come up when searched,  or by merging those two notes into one.  There are stern warnings about the merged result not being editable in the original application,  but it doesn't seem to stop me adding more notes in Evernote.

* This is what I got - I have odd contacts...


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