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Redo / Undo History

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Okay, so it's great that Evernote provides an undo / redo ability. But it's sometimes a mystery what exactly will happen when you click undo. I think it would be FANTASTIC to have a view that simply shows the redo / undo history so you can see what is going to be undone or redone before you decide to undo or redo it. Because it really stinks to click undo thinking that it will undo one thing, but have it undo something else somewhere else that you were not looking at or thinking off, resulting in data loss. 

Such a history would be a stack of events, sorted from most recent at the top. You would be able to step through the history by clicking on buttons. The current step would be highlighted. See the attached image for a sketch. 



redo history.PNG

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I don't really see this as particularly helpful. Evernote's undo/redo system only seems to apply to single notes, and that makes sense: I wouldn't want to mix global changes in with changes to various notes; that would seem to imply that, for example, to undo the "Change text in note notename2", I'd need to undo the tag rename first, which just seems awkward and potentially confusing.

Note also that renaming a tag is not currently an undo-able operation (neither is retitling a note and other global operations). 

On the other hand, Undo/Redo in Evernote doesn't seem to be totally robust and also has a problem with restoring previos cursor location. I'd settle for having Undo/Redo work flawlessly, so I could go back and forth in a note's edits without worrying that something will ***** up.

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