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New web clipper triggers Noscript's clickjacking/ui redressing protection



Evernote updated the webclipper for firefox and now whenever I try to clip a web page I get noscript's popup telling me that it is a clickjacking/ui redressing script.  I have the option to turn off the warning but even when I do the clip still does not appear in evernote.  I have to copy the link to chrome and make the clip there with the chrome version.  I've submitted a ticket for this with a screen print but all that shows is the clickjacking/ui redressing window from noscript.

The problem seems to be with the alignment of the dialog.  It is off by a few pixels and noscript seems to be interpreting that as a devious script.

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I tried the following suggestion from the InformAction forum (Firefox, didn't try other browsers):


Parameter noscript.clearClick.subexceptions add a blank at the end of the value string, followed by moz-extension://*

I will have to test it more, but at least for one site this worked.


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Hi, what helped me was disabling "Other plugins" setting in the NoScript options. Probably it's not the safest solution but it does the job.

In fact moz-extension://5b5dcd5f-ddb5-0443-8ed1-9e309cb9f092/* cannot be added to the whitelist (at least in my case), as the whitelist already contains the "higher-level" expression, meaning moz-extension:// itself. Regardless, it still interferes with Web Clipper.

I'm not sure if it's Evernote's fault - the lastest NoScript updates tend to kill more and more extensions - the one I'm suffering from at the moment is inability to use the full potential of LastPass.

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