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If I absolutely NEVER delete anything, why are there notes in the Evernot trash?

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I scan a fair number of documents into Evernote, I use webclipper pretty regularly also, I'm sure I'm not the heaviest user of Evernote but I find it valuable and have used the product as a premium-paying subscriber since the very beginning. I admit to not being the most attentive type at this so I dont know how long ago or if it has happened numerous time through the years, but with my note creating I simply never ever delete anything... ever! Yet when I opened the desktop program today I see that I had 44 items in the Trash. 

Does anyone have any idea why this would be? And better yet, how I can make it stop and never occur again? I scoured the options but saw nothing that spoke directly to this issue.

I do not share my account with anyone else, I'm essentially a solo guy that uses Evernote for work, school, and personal interests/hobbys. I dont 'accidentally' delete "stuff". I use and hope to continue to use Evernote to recall information that might have been created years ago. I have receipts, policies, contracts, step-by-step instructions for any manner of things, logs, warranties, etc. I cant ultimately afford to have my stuff just disappear or end up in the Trash. . . ever.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

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Hi.  Have you ever merged two or more notes into one?  Because the individual notes go to Trash when a new combined note is created.  If that doesn't explain these notes - as a suggestion - try searching for a phrase from one of them in your 'live' account.  If it's not found,  and you consider the note content to still be current and valuable,  then you might consider restoring these various notes to your database and I'd suggest you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter

No one,  to my knowledge,  has ever reported a problem where notes were being deleted without user intervention,  but if you are sure this is the case here,  then Evernote will want to know about it.

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