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Allow non-standard URLs in linked text



Probably the most useful feature for me in Evernote is dumping emails into it that require me to do something (think, respond, follow-up, etc.). I use Mail Butler and sometimes Alfred for this, and I get a nice "message:..." link in the note that lets me get back to that email in my mail application to reply, read more context in the thread, etc.

The most useful missing feature is the ability to add links to other emails into notes. When you create a link in the note text (^k or menus), the URL police turn the "OK" button grey for links that they don't agree with, stopping me from pasting a "message:..." link as the hypertext. I get these links from a simple Applescript I wrote that copies the link for the message selected in mail. Thus, it is impossible for me to make a note like this:

Mars Mission

Select launcher – Falcon Heavy specifications (this would contain an evernote://.. link to that note)

Select crew – 4 candidates have emailed so far: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin, Buzz Aldrin

Those underlined links would link to the email messages in Mail. I want to do this rather than bring those messages into Evernote because they are evolving threads, and I want to be able to quickly jump to that thread in Mail rather than store a snapshot of it.

I understand that Evernote doesn't want to include links that might not work everywhere, but these links ("message:...") do work everywhere I need them to. All my Macs (3), both iPads and my iPhone.


Specific request: please allow "message:..." links in text links

General request: please allow me to put anything I want in the text links. I'll take responsibility if they don't work somewhere.


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Curiously, I am able to do this with the Windows Evernote client. I am able to create other types of lines in Evernote for Windows (e.g. "mailto:jefito@earthlink.net", "file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/jefito/DinnerMenu.doc", etc.). Or maybe I'm missing something?

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mailto:person@place is slightly different, because it opens a new mail message addressed to the person@place. It also works on Mac Evernote (I just checked). The message:... URI instructs Mail to open a specific message with the ID that you put where I have the "...". 

On Windows, the equivalent function would be outlook:..., 

The file://... URI works on Mac, too.

What I would really like is for Evernote to let me put in whatever I want there, and I'll worry about whether it is a valid URI or not. The application URIs can be quite useful for linking bits of information between apps.

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