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Evernote 6.10 not hilighting words found in Notes Search

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1 hour ago, Cubeistan said:

I think this is new behavior with 6.10. Has anyone else noticed this? Attached a screenshot. See #9 in the list. Thanks in advance.

I'm getting highlighting, but it seems to be random placesScreen Shot 2016-11-05 at 8.16.46 AM.png

fwiw    I re-indexed my database

In the last release, Evernote said they are working on some outstanding problems.  
I'm being patient before submitting a ticket

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26 minutes ago, Cubeistan said:

How did you re-index? I couldn't find anything about it.

Hold down the option key when you click on Help in the Evernote menu bar
- you get an extra Troubleshooting sub-menu

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