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How to modify borders in 'Simplified Article"


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Is there a way to modify the default borders when selecting 'Simplified Article' with Web Clipper?  Every time I try to use 'Simplified Article' with a recipe web page, it cuts off the first letters on the left side.   If I could only expand the borders in this function a little...

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Hi.  I've not known Clipper crop the left margin - and AFAIK there's no way to control that,  or any other margin settings through Clipper or Evernote options.  Could you post a screenshot of an affected page here?

Clipper 'simplified' isn't always the ideal way to clip some web pages - I use that,  plus 'selection' and 'article' interchangeably. If you find a page is cropped,  does selecting the content first and using that option provide a better result?

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