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Vertical line that separates the field



Hi everyone,

There's a horizontal line option in note taking field but doesn't exist a vertical one. In need of separating the field to vertically two or four areas (e.g. Eisenhower matrix, coordinate axis), this kind of option will be useful. Tables doesn't give the chance to do it.

I very much appreciate what Evernote did, does and develops and i use it for almost 5 years in my whole life, and it would be awesome that the Develop team consider this idea seriously.

Thank you.

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Hi.  Evernote doesn't (yet) have much flexibility in formatting tables,  but until that comes along you could use a 4-cell table with the perimeter lines switched off,  so it presents as a large "+",  or a larger table (if that helps with formatting the text content) of say 12x12 with only the cells at 6 down and 6 across showing outlines.  Not currently possible directly in Evernote of course,  but Excel or Word (or your Office application of choice) will set up such tables nicely and you can copy and paste across.

Once you have a workable template,  save it as exactly that and simply duplicate a blank note each time you need one.

Not disputing that it would be nice to have a vertical line,  but that's not possible in Word either AFAIK.  It's a bit of a specialised usage which can be worked around as above,  or by using the "|" keyboard character,  or an ink (drawn) note,  so I don't know what priority this will get...

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