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Is it possible to search for something by multiple tags, among all of my notebooks.  For example, I am a hobbyist woodworker, so I have files about woodworking tools.  I also have completely different types of tools that I use for work.  I might see a woodworking tool that I think would make a great gift for someone, and so it might be filed in my "Gift" notebook, instead of my "Woodworking" notebook, or it could be in the file that I put things I want to read later.  I was under the impression that I could search for the tags "woodworking"; ""Tools", and "Gifts", to find what I am looking for, or at least narrow the options down considerably.


Any help would be appreciated, especially because if I can't search like this, my current organization system, which relied on a lot of tags, will be useless.


Thanks for your help!


Ira Wood

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