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Weird issue with setting reminder time/date, then being removed?

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Hey guys

First time poster - loving Evernote. I'm one of those techies who tried Evernote a few times over the years and never *got* it, then one day after doing copious amounts of reading...it's all clicked. Mostly. I think :)


I'm having a weird issue, and with the testing I've done so far it seems to be specific to the Windows client. I've tested and seen the same behaviour with two different machines (both running current Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise installations).

Essentially, I'll create a reminder on a note, adding a date. I press enter, the time/date sets (I've confirmed this in the reminders section). If I then press sync, the reminder remains but the time/date is stripped out. This makes it super annoying for setting up calendar entries (via Zapier direct to Google Calendar) or for use as a to-do list (using Remember The Milk). Weirder still, if I re-add the time/date, it then sticks.

Anyone else seen this? It's a minor annoyance but try as I might my Google-fu isn't finely tuned enough to find others with the same issue, so I figured I'd ask.


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Unfortuantely with the Windows client, it can immediately erase new info (like a tag, or reminder) shortly after the note is created as it does a background sync. So after creating a new note, I tend to force a sync before I really start populating.

I've seen Evernote change reminders, tags, and note titles during this initial background sync, and have reported it, but the issue persists.

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