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Business Card Images Deleted When Opening Note

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When I open a business card note in Evernote for Mac, the image of the business card is immediately deleted. The rest of the contact information remains in text form.


I am a Basic user, but have connected to Linkedin which I understand gives me a year of business card scans.


I would be very grateful if anyone can help with this issue please.

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Hi.  I'm not sure that the free year of card scans still applies  I haven't seen any reference to that offer for some time.  How did you hear of it?  Card scanning is now a paid-for feature,  which may explain why the card image is deleted.

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Thanks very much for your help. I thought the info about the year's free scans had popped up when I tried to save a business card scan with the Evernote IOS app but maybe I was mistaken. In any event, its definitely not working. I've just scanned another one with the app, saved it ok, synced it, and then as soon as I click on it in the Mac app the image disappears. Will consider upgrading.

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