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Different bugs and improvements



I´m norwegian, so bare with my formulations :)
First, I want to say Evernote is great! Buuut, there are a few issues I would improvement on:

  1. Sometimes you can’t «truncate» sentences that have a unnatural gap. Need to press enter a few times, and then delete
  2. Shifting between documents always makes you start at the top. SUPER-annoying if you´re using Evernote to write a big paper and need to flip between notes. 
  3. (I wrote this a while back, not sure what it means). Truncationproblems while trying to numerate. Bugs regarding indentation. 
  4. Add an option for «remove all formatting» and possibly add the style of the note - when copying from other documents. Need to do the formattingmanually online...
  5. Add option for marking several lines simultanously with command (mac) and whichever button windows and other OS´es use. Good for making several lines bold, italic, bigger etc. 
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Thanks for the thoughts - it's better to post several items separately so others can vote on each one individually and set a level of preference.  They're all valid comments,  except for 'remove formatting' - that is already available in the desktop app.

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