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"Activity log/protocol" reports "failed to save item style

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Dear Community,

having tried the German Google+ community in vain I am imposing myself on you and do hope for your help.

I am well into retirement age and as am I am finally trying to get some better understanding of Evernote, having stored in the order of 5,000 notes currently (after some purging).

BtW :Evernote latest version on Windows 7 and 10 as well as Android / German version

Evernote synchronises beautifully, however the "activity log/protocol" found unter help has given me some concern because of an error reported which I fail to understand

20:20:53 [11052] 0% Failed to save item style: {"color":"#fc483d","guid":"AEDB1C18-12D6-4466-9B08-2286F30AC97D","style":["bold","underline"]}
20:20:53 [8604] Client synchronization finished, status: complete

My supposition is that Evernote wants to tell me that one of my notes has a formatting problem. Am I right in this way of thinking? If so, how can I find the note? Is AEDB.... the culprit?

As I certainly do not have a note of such a title/content and as my search abilities in Evernote are still woefully limited I'd very much appreciate any tips to solve the mystery.

Thank you so much.

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