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Forum Digest: June '21

Shane D.


Welcome to the June edition of the Evernote Forum Digest

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What's New?

  • Get early access to Tasks - Learn more about how you can test our newest feature, Tasks.
  • Search update: Using punctuation - See how we’ve improved the way punctuation works within searches. 
  • Evernote Early Access Program - Be among the first to try new Evernote features before they’re released, and help decide what works and what needs to improve. Sign up for the program, and if you’re invited to be a tester, our team will reach out with further instructions.


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Evernote Help & Learning Updates

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Evernote Blog Updates


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 Thanks for including tasks in Evernote.  A while back I made a list of features that I thought were needed to make Evernote into a better task manager/minder.  You've hit a number of those.   HOWEVER, it seems that in the enthusiasm for promoting task capability, an annoying problem with notes coming up as "view only" is being overlooked.  I've search the forums and web for discussion of and remedies for this issue, and I see no real answers.  It is not just an Android thing, I am seeing it in Mac OS as well as iPadOS and iOS.  The problem seems to be that some notes open back up as "view only", and there is no obvious control to make them editable. Then, suddenly, after closing and opening and restarting ... or some set of futzing around ... they randomly once again become editable.  I have not found a repeatable pattern in the behavior yet, but the pattern of "view only" and then later "edit" -able seems consistent, if not 100% of instances.  What's up with this?

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It is an issue since „mobile“ 10.12, and seems to mainly hit the mobile clients.

When I updated to iOS 10.12 I got a message it needs a moment to upgrade the database. I think this problem may be related to this action. If yes, it means we have to wait for a next update to see it fixed.

Meanwhile I usually could get my notes editable again by closing and reopening them.

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