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David Williamson

WTH? Evernote Web is now prompting me to upgrade every time I try to edit a note?


I won't repeat all the negative feedback about the "new" Evernote Web--that has been covered extensively by many other people.

I am a six-year Premium user. I have tried the "new" Evernote Web several times and I HATE IT. It is nowhere near as useful and productive as the old version.

I have steadfastly ignored the green prompt line at the top of the page and refused to "upgrade."

This evening, Evernote Web started popping a message prompting me to upgrade every time I try to edit a note. The popup causes me to lose whatever I just typed. Over and over. If this is Evernote's way of forcing me to upgrade from the version I have used for 6 years and love to an inferior, less useful, less productive version, then I am really disappointed. 

Who designed the "new" Evernote web? It is really bad. How much negative feedback is it goint to take for you to admit it was a mistake and bring back the old version, or at least allow premium users to keep it for as long as they want?

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Hi.  Agreed that Evernote Web was never great,  and the 'new' version is not an improvement,  but it is (usually) usable.  Frequent pop-ups are not my experience.  I do have a pop-up blocker on the browser,  but it tells me when a website is being over-friendly,  and Evernote isn't one of those.  I'm forever switching back and forth between the old and new versions,  so I'd expect to have been 'reminded' if that were the norm.  Evernote have said they'll switch off the old version at some point though,  so maybe they're getting more keen to transition any remaining long-term users...

First suggestion would be restart everything and see if this still occurs,  and if so - check out a different browser.  Do you have the same experience? 

If so - contact support,  either they are about to close the old site or there appears to be something wrong with your account. 

If not - clear the cache,  delete cookies and generally refresh your browser and try again...

Hope some of that helps...


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