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Two simple questions that I'm sure have two simple answers that would help me immensely before I take the plunge & subscribe.

My main reason for upgrading is the app specific passcode lock. That is a needed extra layer of security that would enhance the security of my phone password. The key question... Can I still add notes to Evernote without unlocking the app? It would be exceedingly annoying to have to enter the password just to add a note.

Now I only need upgrade to Evernote Plus to get the passcode lock feature. However, should I become the Evernote junky I expect to evolve into once I upgrade to Plus then seriously consider Premium - Can I upgrade during the initial subscription period seamlessly?


Thanks in advance for any & all assistance provided. :-)

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Hello @CimpleSypher,

Thank you for posting. To answer your questions:

When you enable a PIN on the device, you will need to enter in the PIN code when you open the Evernote application unless you change the time in which the password keeps the application unlocked.

As a long time user of Evernote myself I started out with Basic and then went to Premium. While my upload isn't high like a lot of users, I do like having some of the abilities that Premium provide, but I could get away with Evernote Plus. You can of course now start out with Plus and upgrade to Premium at a later time.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and I would be happy to help.

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