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  1. The idea of having notes look the same across devices is absurd, particularly in the context of "A note taking app is no page design app, and no word processor." Why make the app do what the user should do - use a same font across all of their apps so when they use an intermediary like EN they will get the desired result. Conversely, now that the change has been made everyone else needs to jump through hoops. In fairness, it's not the users who requested this feature that are at fault, it's EN. The idea that a large section (not necessarily the majority) of the user base made a request to
  2. Two simple questions that I'm sure have two simple answers that would help me immensely before I take the plunge & subscribe. My main reason for upgrading is the app specific passcode lock. That is a needed extra layer of security that would enhance the security of my phone password. The key question... Can I still add notes to Evernote without unlocking the app? It would be exceedingly annoying to have to enter the password just to add a note. Now I only need upgrade to Evernote Plus to get the passcode lock feature. However, should I become the Evernote junky I expect to evolve
  3. Hello All, I don't have a lot of time to search through pages of search results to see if my question has been asked already, but the first few pages did not yield fruit. So forgive me if this seems pedantic, but... I know there's Scannable for iOS - is there an equivalent for Android? Thanks in advance for any & all assistance provided. :-)
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