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After installing the latest version (276742) when you copy and paste text, it is pasted adding a blank Ahead. I've done several tests on other equipment and also happens exactly the same.

Example: "Example "

I hope your answer.
Thank you.

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I find the space to be a benefit (for searching).

If I paste a word,  the added space helps Evernote's search.


Consider this phrase:

The brown fox jumped...


1.) No space

Now let's add the word "quick".

If there's no space with the paste, I would end up with:

The quickbrown fox jumped...

The word "brown" is no longer searchable. 


2.) Added space

But with the space, the phrase comes out correct:

The quick brown fox jumped...

The word "brown" is searchable. 

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PM seems didn't pay enough attention remembering Evernote is an international product.

In English, adding extra space is absolutely a good feature.

but under code or CJK language context? it's beyond annoying. Chinese/Japanese have no spaces between char:

and check this post too:


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