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Linking within several notes to summarize in one note?

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Apologies if this is the wrong place. New to the forum!


I love the ability to link specific notes. However, I'm wondering how I can link a particular line or sentence within a note. Better yet? How to have that link automatically go on a summary page.


Use case:


I have one note for each one of my customers. As I have meetings/calls, I'll put the date of the most recent meeting at the top and make notes, basically making a scrolling wheel of notes. Within those dates/meetings, I'll have action items. I'd like to be able to enter an action item and somehow link it to my ToDo note, which is separate. The idea is that I can keep the action items within each customer, but I don't have to dig in each note to find action items. I know I could use an action item tag; however, then all my customer notes would be action items. I don't want separate customer notes for each meeting, as well, because I frequently reference the other meeting notes and I like having them in on place. Any thoughts?


Example note below:





Notes notes notes



<list of action items>

*linked to separate note*



To Dos


*linked from Customer Note A*

*linked from Customer Note B*

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Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't currently support Anchor Tags, which are used on websites that let you link to a certain part of the page. And, there's no way to pull out action items from Evernote notes natively in Evernote. You could use an app like Swipes, which pulls your checkboxes into its own app as Tasks, alongside any other tasks you put in there. It's not ideal, but it does work well!

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