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  1. Apologies if this is the wrong place. New to the forum! I love the ability to link specific notes. However, I'm wondering how I can link a particular line or sentence within a note. Better yet? How to have that link automatically go on a summary page. Use case: I have one note for each one of my customers. As I have meetings/calls, I'll put the date of the most recent meeting at the top and make notes, basically making a scrolling wheel of notes. Within those dates/meetings, I'll have action items. I'd like to be able to enter an action item and somehow link it to my ToDo note, which is separate. The idea is that I can keep the action items within each customer, but I don't have to dig in each note to find action items. I know I could use an action item tag; however, then all my customer notes would be action items. I don't want separate customer notes for each meeting, as well, because I frequently reference the other meeting notes and I like having them in on place. Any thoughts? Example note below: 20150908 <Attendees> Notes notes notes ACTION ITEMS: <list of action items> *linked to separate note* ********************* To Dos *linked from Customer Note A* *linked from Customer Note B*
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