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Feature request - add "Show notebook" option


I will often tag notes in many different notebooks with the same tag, and I have a shortcut set up to view those notes. It would be really helpful to be able to see which notebook each note is in, just as you can view a note's tags.

The notes themselves can often seem quite similar e.g. phone X, and the reason WHY I want to do that becomes evident if I know which notebook the note is in. Right now that is not easily worked out from looking at a list of notes as in the tag shortcut.

I hope that is clear.

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Hi.  I can't offhand think of a way to work around this.  You're right that the tag (or any) search results view doesn't show which notebook the note occupies.  It doesn't show other tags either,  so converting the notebooks to a tagging system wouldn't help.  I don't see that your suggestion would add anything to my normal workflow - I haven't missed this lack at all.  Others may feel it's a good idea though...

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