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On iPhone: Scannable or recently updated iOS Evernote client?

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With the recent updates to the iOS Evernote client's camera capabilities I'm confused about when I should use Scannable and when I should use my iOS Evernote client to capture images? The functionality of Scannable seems(?) to be fully encompassed in the iOS Evernote client. Am I missing something?



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Scannable and Evernote (AFAIK) are being developed by separate teams,  so there will always be considerable feature overlap,  but there will also be independant development.  If the main app meets your current needs,  then yes,  fine,  uninstall (or don't use) Scannable.  If you want to stay current with all the latest stuff,  regard Scannable as a kind of Beta test for Evernote features - I'd guess you'll see new stuff there before it makes it to the main app.  Entirely your choice.

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