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Possible to Create a Clone of My Account


As a salesperson who uses the phone extensively, I use Evernote as an engine to store all of my phone scripts so I can quickly access them to overcome the limited set of objections that my prospects throw at me.


My question is - would i be possible to create a template account with all the scripts in there stock?


The idea would be that maybe I could create a training program for real estate agents nationwide.  A video training course.  And part of it would be that I would clone my "Evernote script account" over to them at the click of a button so they can use the exact same scripts I'm using organized using the exact same Notebook and Tag structure.


Is this possible?

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Hi.  It sounds like you need to look into 'sharing' - if you set up your ideal notes as a stand-alone notebook,  you can then invite others to share in those notes and copy them into their local notebook.  Not sure how you'd monetise it - sharing is an all or nothing thing;  if you made your notebook public,  all the notes would be available to anyone you invite.  Maybe you can set up a separate payment process and only share all the notes after you've been suitably paid...

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