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android Why does Evernote quite recording audio upon minimizing on Android Tablet?

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I love taking notes during meetings using Evernote's audio recording feature, but for some reason when I minimize it to multi-task, it quits recording the audio.


For example, during a presentation, someone might mention a website, so I minimize Evernote to go to the webpage, but it quits recording the presentation audio when I minimize the tab and open a new window.


Is this unique to Android or is there a setting I can change to keep it running in the background?

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Haven't noticed this as a problem on my Android - might be a function of available memory or processing power,  or the way your phone deals with snoozed applications.  I also record and take notes,  but for redundancy's sake I prefer to use another audio app (there are a lot) and copy the output MP3 file into a Note.  That way I can use Evernote to scrawl comments or even close it completely and use something else while the recording is going on.

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thanks for the input.  I was having the issue on an Android Tablet (HP Slatebook x2).  I will try to see if it works any differently on my Note 2 phone which is also an Android based system. 

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