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I like the new web interface beta. That said, I had to switch back because I lost evey attachment I tried to open. Clicking the attachment opened a formatting popover. Selecting, then hitting return DELETED the attachment, with no undo or trash restore available. Is this really ready for Beta?

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You can try pressing Ctrl+Z to undo right after the attachment is deleted.

Though it won't help you if you switch to another note and then come back :-(


If you're on MacOS, I don't know what the equivalent would be, but there should be a keyboard shortcut for undo.

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Can this be right?  I somehow deleted a Word attachment that I had been editing and saving in Evernote.  I closed the Word file and then when editing text in the note I somehow deleted the attachment.  Undo did not work (I don't know why it just gave the "bonk" sound and did nothing)...  I never (still) closed the note--but all my work is gone?  


If this is true it pretty much does away with one of the key reasons I use Evernote, which is to open, edit, save updates without having to save elsewhere and import back to the note.  I am deleting my premium account tonight.

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