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  1. Can this be right? I somehow deleted a Word attachment that I had been editing and saving in Evernote. I closed the Word file and then when editing text in the note I somehow deleted the attachment. Undo did not work (I don't know why it just gave the "bonk" sound and did nothing)... I never (still) closed the note--but all my work is gone? If this is true it pretty much does away with one of the key reasons I use Evernote, which is to open, edit, save updates without having to save elsewhere and import back to the note. I am deleting my premium account tonight.
  2. Disappointing to read this string going back so long. Another simple, common sense issue that should have been fixed long ago (like the persistent flash in camera modes for business cards, documents...) definitely rethinking my premium account.
  3. This makes the feature pretty much unusable...just too many glossy cards out there and takes way too much time fiddling with it to still get poor results.
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