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Android App and Website Not Completly Sync'ing

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Hi-  I have the evernote app on my Samsung device where I have been recording meetings I go to.  I'm trying to sync those audio recordings to my web account (so I can transcribe easier).  I've selected sync multiple times, turned the device on/ off multiple times, but some of the audio still won't go to the web account.


Is there a step (or steps) I am missing?

Thanks, Nicolle

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For generalised sync issues,  see https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168822


It's possible your notes are too big,  you've exceeded your upload limit,  or the notes are unsyncable in some way - it occasionally happens with "illegal" characters in the note name.


If you can't fix this in any other way,  try emailing the notes (individually) to your Evernote email address.  If one or two are a special problem,  try creating a new note and copying the audio file (if you can) into the new note.

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