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ios Adding Contacts

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I enjoy the business card camera in Evernote as a way of adding contacts into Evernote. Is there a way to add a contact in the same format without having a business card?



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I don't believe there is... But I too would love and make frequent use of a feature like this. Good suggestion.

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There currently isn't a way to do this but I just heard from a colleague who went as far as printing out typed email addresses and scanning them with the business card camera.  Here is a less cumbersome trick.

  1. Find a business card with a clean white back side
  2. Place the card back side up on a dark surface and scan the card with the biz card camera
  3. You should see the review screen with a link about card scanning tips, the blank back side and 3 fields for information (Name, Email and Phone)
  4. Enter the email address of the person you want to record and tap Done in the upper right

Evernote will search LinkedIn based on this email address.  If a profile is found, you're done.  Otherwise type in the name and phone number and tap the check mark in the lower right.


This is basically the same flow we had in Evernote Hello.  We haven't officially included this in Evernote as it isn't heavily used and we would have problems trying to squeeze this in without making the UI too complex.  


Hope this helps.

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