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ios (Archived) Get Started Guide is wrong

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All versions current as of yesterday

I am new to Skitch.  So I read the Get Started Guide.  What is shows me is not what I see on Skitch.

When I try to annotate a photo, the tool bar shows up without the slider so I have no way to change the thickness of the circles, ovals etc. The defaults are in some cases to small to use.  Also, the tool bar shows up with no color picker. After spending time that can never get back clean reinstalling Skitch three times, I accidentally clicked on something that showed me where to resize and color pick. If I had not been that lucky I would have ditched Skitch and EN would have lost a user and I would have recommended to my friends to avoid Skitch.

I recommend that whoever, if anyone, at EN is supposed to pay attention to the Get Started Guide to pay attention to the Get Started Guide.

Strong memo to follow.

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@pleasemakeitwork - Are you referring to this guide: http://evernote.com/skitch/guide/ios/#1


The shipping version of Skitch behaves very similar to that guide. We have the same color and toolbar menu as displayed there.


Are you seeing something different then what is displayed there?

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