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chrome REQUEST: share directly from chrome web clipper (for soundgecko integration and other uses!)


My request is simply for there to be a "send" link on the post-clipping dialog (vs having to go through multiple steps to share something I just clipped). This will be useful for multiple reasons, including my scheme below, and will prevent the extra step, CPU load, and network activity currently required! (Currently, I have to click "edit," then wait for a new window to open and load the contents, then click "send"…)

Evernote allows me to get content into services that would otherwise have trouble reading a particular site (such as medical sites which require login and which are not handled well by services such as pocket and SoundGecko). 

What I am doing now is going to the "printer version" of an article, then clicking web clipper, then clicking "edit"… then "send"… Then an IFTTT recipe sees that there was a shared Evernote link, and Gmails that link to SoundGecko. Then SoundGecko gets the actual article, bypassing the need for user authentication, etc.!

So if I can hit "send" directly after clicking the web clipper, I save multiple steps, prevent unnecessary CPU and network activity, and streamline this process :-)

Thanks for your consideration :-)

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